Origami Underwear-Folding Technique

During my second semester at college I noticed one of my roommates folding her clothes and when it got to her underwear she had this crazy way to fold but it came out in this cute little roll-up!  She told me that the girl next door had taught her--she was from Taiwan and this is how she had always folded her underwear.  I was immediately hooked!  Up until then I maybe folded my underwear in half and then half again (or not at all!), but I had to learn this.  So the three of us each grabbed a pair of underwear and sat down and they taught me!  It definitely took me more than a few tries, but it's been about ten years since that day and I haven't looked back.  So without further ado I'd like to teach you now so that the world can be filled with beautiful underwear drawers full of origami underwear!

Will you try origami underwear?  Let me know how your journey goes!  Or maybe you have another method of folding that you love--if so I'd love to hear about it in the comments!