The Little Blue Book that Started it All

Okay, so it's not all blue.  It's got some white in there too, but as the title states, it really did change my life.  I, of course, am referring to Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  I read it in a matter of days and then I read it over and over again, highlighting my favorite passages and making notes.   The only thing about the book that didn't make sense was why no one else thought of it first. Why not fill our homes and spaces with the things that bring us joy?  It was so simple.  And so life changing.

I saw myself in Marie Kondo.  I wasn't as obsessed with organization and I wouldn't dare get rid of things that belonged to my family, especially my parents!  But the parallels were there.  I was the weird kid in Target that spent time not looking at the toys inside the boxes, but how the boxes looked on the shelves.  I would sit there and make sure every toy was in its place on its correct sku and in the proper bin.  To this day my siblings are quick to give me a "No!" every time I offer to help them clean their spaces.  I'm not sure why--it might have something to do with the fact that I can't shove something under a bed or my thinking that messes hidden behind closets still means the room is messy even though it appears spotless.  I'm quick to suggest getting rid of unused things and organizing down to every last piece of paper and trinket.  My parents were always shocked that cleaning my room took hours when in their minds it was a quick, thirty-minute clean up.  But I know that it's not clean and tidy until you can open up every drawer and every cupboard and nothing is out of place.

I don't know where this love of order and organization comes from, but it's a part of me.  Through her words, KonMari has inspired me to start this blog where I can share my visions, ideas, and passion for organizing as well as designing and entertaining.  Follow along so we can design, organize, and party together!