Party at Hogwarts!

We originally threw this party on July 31st to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday, but Halloween is also an excellent time for some magic! Especially since it's so easy to find costume pieces--you could have a whole house of witches, wizards, Death Eaters, and elves!  Rather than go with the 9 3/4 brick wall entry that you see at so many parties, we went with a Marauder's Map theme, because honestly, what better time to be up to no good than at a party?

Harry Potter Party_Marauder's Map_Entry_Design Organize Party.JPG
harry potter party_golden snitch_Chocolate_flash_tattoos_entry_design organize party.JPG

Our guests were greeted with some Ferrero Rocher golden snitches and these terribly cute temporary tattoos to add some flash to the evening!

Harry Potter Party_Flash Tatoos_Golden Snitch_Cake Plate_entry_Design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_marauders map footsteps_design organize party.JPG

The Marauder's Map theme continues with tiny sets of footprints all up and down the hall.

harry potter party_potions lab_spells_design organize party.JPG

Our second entry table becomes a potions lab--this is where the Halloween decorations really come in handy!

Harry potter party_marauders map_design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_hedwig_owl_design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_design organize party _ablus dumbledore quote.JPG
design organize party_flying keys_harry potter.JPG

The kitchen was filled with flying keys!

harry potter party_design organize party_flying key_.JPG
harry potter party_chamber of secrets_design organize party.JPG

The restroom paid tribute to The Chamber of Secrets with snake details, our very own tiny whomping willow and flying car, and resident guest Moaning Myrtle in the toilet!

design organize party_flying car_harry potter party_Whomping willow.JPG
harry potter party_design organize party_treats_chocolate frogs_birthday cake_mandrake dirt cups.JPG

Our Hogwarts treats included Hagrid's birthday cake, chocolate frogs filled with peanut butter and chocolate mousse, and these adorable potted mandrake dirt cups!

design organize party_potted mandrakes_harry potter party_dirt cups.JPG

Seriously, how cute are these?!

harry potter party_potted mandrakes_dirt cups_design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_happee birthdae harry_birthday cake_design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_floating candles_great hall_design organize party.JPG

Our Great Hall was filled with over 70 homemade floating candles.

harry potter_follow the spiders_design organize party.JPG

Follow the spiders!

harry potter party_mischief managed_marauders map sign

Annnnnnnd mischief managed! Another successful evening--what was your favorite detail from this magical night?