Schitt's Creek Viewing Party

Schitt's Creek Season 4 is nearly upon us, and if you're not watching, hop on Netflix and get on it because it is SO FUNNY! But maybe if you're here you already watch the show and you're looking for some inspiration for your very own Schitt's Creek party for you and your fellow Schitters so scroll through because we've got everything from Bob's Bagels to Herb Ertlinger's Fruit Wine.  Take a look and let me know how you'll be celebrating!

Schitt's Creek Party Food Decor_Design Organize Party.jpg

We went with David Rose's favorite color scheme--black and white, and one of Alexis' signature "David!" phrases to showcase our excitement!

Schitt's Creek_Party Inspiration Ideas_Design Organize Party.jpg
Schitt's creek_Bob's Bagels_Party_Design Organize Party.jpg

We've got Bob's Bagels with assorted cream cheese. You could even do an entire pastry table with muffins, cream puffs, croissants, etc. all baked by Ivan, of course.

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Schitt's Creek Party Ideas_Bob's Bagels_Herb Ertlinger's Fruit Wine_Coasters.jpg

These coasters are a fun addition to the party and were printed from CBC's site. You can find them here.

Schitt's Creek_Design Organize Party_Enchiladas_Fruit Wine_Coasters_Party Ideas.jpg
Schitt's Creek_enchiladas_fold in the cheese_design organize party.jpg

Can't forget the "on-chiladas"!  We used street taco-sized tortillas so they were just little bites and they were very easy to make once we figured out how to fold in the cheese. ;)

Schitt's Creek_Herb Ertlinger's Fruit Wine_Party Ideas_Design Organize Party.jpg

We made our own custom bottle of Herb Ertlinger's Fruit Wine (aka Martinelli's) in our favorite flavor, Dazzling Peach Crab Apple.

Schitt's Creek_Party_Raw Milk_Design Organize Party.jpg
Raw Milk_Schitt's Creek_Party Ideas_Design Organize Party.jpg

A little (illegal) raw milk to wash down your pastries!  

Schitt's Creek_Party Ideas_Food_Cinnamon Buns Rolls_Raw Milk_Design Organize Party.jpg
Schitt's Creek_Pary Ideas_Cinnamon Buns_Motel_Design Organize Party.jpg

It's no secret that all the best parties have favors, so each guest will get to leave with their own personalized Allez Vous Starter Kit!

Schitt's Creek_Allez Vouz_Party Ideas_Favors_DIY.jpg
Allez Vouz Party Favors_DIY_Schitt's Creek_Design Organize Party.jpg
Allez Vouz DIY_Schitt's Creek_Party Ideas_Design Organize Party.jpg
Schitt's Creek_Party Favors_Allez Vous_Design Organize Party.jpg

Best wishes and warmest regards--thanks for reading!