Schitt's Creek Viewing Party

Schitt's Creek Season 4 is nearly upon us, and if you're not watching, hop on Netflix and get on it because it is SO FUNNY! But maybe if you're here you already watch the show and you're looking for some inspiration for your very own Schitt's Creek party for you and your fellow Schitters so scroll through because we've got everything from Bob's Bagels to Herb Ertlinger's Fruit Wine.  Take a look and let me know how you'll be celebrating!

Schitt's Creek Party Food Decor_Design Organize Party.jpg

We went with David Rose's favorite color scheme--black and white, and one of Alexis' signature "David!" phrases to showcase our excitement!

Schitt's Creek_Party Inspiration Ideas_Design Organize Party.jpg
Schitt's creek_Bob's Bagels_Party_Design Organize Party.jpg

We've got Bob's Bagels with assorted cream cheese. You could even do an entire pastry table with muffins, cream puffs, croissants, etc. all baked by Ivan, of course.

Design Organize Party_Schitt's Creek_Party Ideas.jpg
Schitt's Creek Party Ideas_Bob's Bagels_Herb Ertlinger's Fruit Wine_Coasters.jpg

These coasters are a fun addition to the party and were printed from CBC's site. You can find them here.

Schitt's Creek_Design Organize Party_Enchiladas_Fruit Wine_Coasters_Party Ideas.jpg
Schitt's Creek_enchiladas_fold in the cheese_design organize party.jpg

Can't forget the "on-chiladas"!  We used street taco-sized tortillas so they were just little bites and they were very easy to make once we figured out how to fold in the cheese. ;)

Schitt's Creek_Herb Ertlinger's Fruit Wine_Party Ideas_Design Organize Party.jpg

We made our own custom bottle of Herb Ertlinger's Fruit Wine (aka Martinelli's) in our favorite flavor, Dazzling Peach Crab Apple.

Schitt's Creek_Party_Raw Milk_Design Organize Party.jpg
Raw Milk_Schitt's Creek_Party Ideas_Design Organize Party.jpg

A little (illegal) raw milk to wash down your pastries!  

Schitt's Creek_Party Ideas_Food_Cinnamon Buns Rolls_Raw Milk_Design Organize Party.jpg
Schitt's Creek_Pary Ideas_Cinnamon Buns_Motel_Design Organize Party.jpg

It's no secret that all the best parties have favors, so each guest will get to leave with their own personalized Allez Vous Starter Kit!

Schitt's Creek_Allez Vouz_Party Ideas_Favors_DIY.jpg
Allez Vouz Party Favors_DIY_Schitt's Creek_Design Organize Party.jpg
Allez Vouz DIY_Schitt's Creek_Party Ideas_Design Organize Party.jpg
Schitt's Creek_Party Favors_Allez Vous_Design Organize Party.jpg

Best wishes and warmest regards--thanks for reading!

Party at Hogwarts!

We originally threw this party on July 31st to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday, but Halloween is also an excellent time for some magic! Especially since it's so easy to find costume pieces--you could have a whole house of witches, wizards, Death Eaters, and elves!  Rather than go with the 9 3/4 brick wall entry that you see at so many parties, we went with a Marauder's Map theme, because honestly, what better time to be up to no good than at a party?

Harry Potter Party_Marauder's Map_Entry_Design Organize Party.JPG
harry potter party_golden snitch_Chocolate_flash_tattoos_entry_design organize party.JPG

Our guests were greeted with some Ferrero Rocher golden snitches and these terribly cute temporary tattoos to add some flash to the evening!

Harry Potter Party_Flash Tatoos_Golden Snitch_Cake Plate_entry_Design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_marauders map footsteps_design organize party.JPG

The Marauder's Map theme continues with tiny sets of footprints all up and down the hall.

harry potter party_potions lab_spells_design organize party.JPG

Our second entry table becomes a potions lab--this is where the Halloween decorations really come in handy!

Harry potter party_marauders map_design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_hedwig_owl_design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_design organize party _ablus dumbledore quote.JPG
design organize party_flying keys_harry potter.JPG

The kitchen was filled with flying keys!

harry potter party_design organize party_flying key_.JPG
harry potter party_chamber of secrets_design organize party.JPG

The restroom paid tribute to The Chamber of Secrets with snake details, our very own tiny whomping willow and flying car, and resident guest Moaning Myrtle in the toilet!

design organize party_flying car_harry potter party_Whomping willow.JPG
harry potter party_design organize party_treats_chocolate frogs_birthday cake_mandrake dirt cups.JPG

Our Hogwarts treats included Hagrid's birthday cake, chocolate frogs filled with peanut butter and chocolate mousse, and these adorable potted mandrake dirt cups!

design organize party_potted mandrakes_harry potter party_dirt cups.JPG

Seriously, how cute are these?!

harry potter party_potted mandrakes_dirt cups_design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_happee birthdae harry_birthday cake_design organize party.JPG
harry potter party_floating candles_great hall_design organize party.JPG

Our Great Hall was filled with over 70 homemade floating candles.

harry potter_follow the spiders_design organize party.JPG

Follow the spiders!

harry potter party_mischief managed_marauders map sign

Annnnnnnd mischief managed! Another successful evening--what was your favorite detail from this magical night?

Origami Underwear-Folding Technique

During my second semester at college I noticed one of my roommates folding her clothes and when it got to her underwear she had this crazy way to fold but it came out in this cute little roll-up!  She told me that the girl next door had taught her--she was from Taiwan and this is how she had always folded her underwear.  I was immediately hooked!  Up until then I maybe folded my underwear in half and then half again (or not at all!), but I had to learn this.  So the three of us each grabbed a pair of underwear and sat down and they taught me!  It definitely took me more than a few tries, but it's been about ten years since that day and I haven't looked back.  So without further ado I'd like to teach you now so that the world can be filled with beautiful underwear drawers full of origami underwear!

Will you try origami underwear?  Let me know how your journey goes!  Or maybe you have another method of folding that you love--if so I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

A Lifetime of Storage

No object should be condemned to a lifetime in storage.  Our homes are filled with closets, attics, basements, and cupboards, and those spaces get filled up with objects.  Sooner or later we stop looking at the back of the closet or that top shelf.  The less you see something, the less likely you are to use it, and then it becomes clutter, and before you know it, you’re drowning in your own home.  You may find you’re unhappy, but guess what?  Your things aren’t happy either.

Objects exist for our use and our pleasure.  They’re here to cook us delicious meals, help us throw parties, sleep at night, relax after a day at the office, clothe us, fill our homes with beauty and happiness, and endless other things.  But if we let them get shoved to the backs of closets or placed in boxes never to be opened again, we’re doing a disservice to both our objects and ourselves.

I recently went through my shoes and my beautiful red heels, once my favorite pair, were at the bottom of the shoe cubby.  Over the years I had been able to fill in scuffs with a matching red nail polish, get new tips on countless times, but they were coming apart in places that I knew meant it was finally time for the trash bin.  But I couldn’t let them go.  I loved those heels.  So how did I come to terms with finally saying goodbye?

A lot of people think Marie Kondo is a little nutty for suggesting people talk to their belongings, but that was honestly the only way I could let go of those shoes.  I thanked them for making me look and feel beautiful.  I thanked them for coming to me at a killer sales price.  I thanked them for all the compliments we received when I wore them.  I thanked them for their many years of service, and I gently placed them in the trash can.  And you know what?  I don’t miss them.  They’re not hanging over my head, and I don’t feel that tinge of guilt every time I see them, knowing that I should try and take them to the cobbler, to do something so they don’t just sit there.  But sometimes I do think of them.  And I smile at their memory.  Objects are meant to be used, and it’s not fair to take their purpose away from them.

Sometimes the things we love happen to be used less and less.  Using your finest dishes stops when you have children and have to start using plastic, we outgrow toys, clothes go out of style, we upgrade to a nicer version, etc.  Sometimes it’s easy to get rid of an item that’s broken or a gift we never liked, but other times it’s impossibly hard to let something go.  In these instances it’s important to differentiate between true joy and the joys of a memory.  Maybe you have an old prom dress sitting in your closet.  I imagine holding it might bring back wonderful memories, but the object itself isn’t bringing you joy.  Feel free to say thank you and discard it.  The memories will still be there after the objects are long gone.

If you do truly love something, but it’s somehow fallen into disuse, use it!  Make a point of pulling out the china for Sunday night dinners, use your grandmother’s silver collection once in a while, and make a point of having a fondue party every year!  Place these things in a space in your home where they are more easily accessed so it doesn’t become such a chore to get it out and enjoy it.

We all have things tucked away in closets or attics that once served a purpose, that once brought immense joy, but maybe it’s served its purpose or inevitably, you’ve changed and things that once brought you joy are reminders of the past and don’t fit in with who you are now.  So clean out your closets, your old toys, baby clothes, dvd collections, everything!  Decide what you love and make a point to use it, display it, love it.  And then?  Get rid of the rest.  Give a thanks and send them on their way.  Let it go on its path in peace whether it be to the trash bin or finding a new life for itself in a new home.  Don’t condemn your belongings, once loved or not, to a lifetime in the dark corners and storage spaces of your home.

Setting Up & Organizing A New Home

These "rules" can be applied to any space, old or new, but there's something about having a fresh start, a blank canvas, that is so inspiring and really allows you to create your perfect space, and in turn, your perfect life.

Rule #1 HAVE A VISION  Before you start digging through boxes take a moment (or several) and envision you and your life in your new home.  What will you feel like?  What will you be doing every day?  How are you feeling waking up and accomplishing your daily tasks?  Are you rushed? Calm?  Upbeat?  Jot down some words to describe your future life.  For example, I imagine myself waking up to the sunlight streaming through my windows and a breeze lightly blowing the curtains.  I have a big puffy white bedspread.  I sit up and the room is tidy-no clothes on the floor, nothing out of place.  And when I move into my new home I will do all I can to make those visions a reality.  You can be as specific as you like, but start dreaming!  Create your perfect space and your perfect life.

You can also do this for each space.  What will your living spaces feel like?  Will they be filled with friends?  Are you using your kitchen to cook elaborate meals for your family?  Will your office be bustling with inspirational sayings or does a clean, minimalist space offer you more clarity?

Questions like these help you to know which items you'll want to keep and display because they should fit into your visionary space.  If an item is out of character for the space or life you desire, it needs to find a new home somewhere else in the house or in someone else's home entirely.  Don't feel bad about getting rid of items that no longer serve your life's purpose and goals.  People change and things that were once important or necessary to us might not fit with our current lifestyle goals.  Maybe you've always worn sweatpants to bed but have recently decided you feel better about yourself when you're wearing a cute matching set.  Throw out the sweatpants, it's not you anymore!  Maybe you inherited a dining set when your grandparents passed away but it's not really your style.  Sell it or give it away to someone who loves it and then find a set that you can't live without.  Life is about evolving and growing.  Our spaces and belongings should evolve along with us.  

Rule #2 Discard As You Unpack Both packing and unpacking are perfect times for discarding items that no longer bring joy or serve a purpose in our lives.  Having your items packed away for a time can bring clarity to what you really need and love.  You may pull some things out of a box and be so happy to have found it, but others might come with questions of "Why did I waste valuable packing space on this?"  It's a great time to hold each item in your hand and ask the magic question, "Does this spark joy?"  If it doesn't, it gets donated, recycled, or trashed.  Oftentimes people will ask, "Well what about this can opener/printer/mattress pad/etc?  These don't bring my joy but I can't discard them-I need them!  Of course you need them!  So let me ask you this: Doesn't it bring you joy to create and eat your world-famous enchiladas with the beans you got out of the can using the can opener?  And don't you love not having to go to the printshop every time you need something printed?  Although these things may not be on the same level as a beloved antique dish set or a shirt we look and feel amazing in, they bring joy through the services they provide and the ease they bring to our lives.  So show them some love and give that can opener a home in your kitchen.

Rule #3 Just Because Something's Always Been Doesn't Mean it Must Always Be Deep, right? Your new home will have different storage opportunities than the last.  Maybe you've lost storage space in the kitchen but have gained more closets.  Make your spaces work for you.  In my previous home I always stored my vases in the kitchen.  In my new home I don't have as many kitchen cupboards and I would really love my kitchen to hold just kitchen items (what a concept!).  But my laundry room is larger and I imagine that a cupboard in there would work wonderfully for my collection of vases.  Maybe you've always stored holiday items in your closet.  Find a new space for them!  Your closet should be for clothes and shoes, not storage for things pulled out once a year (if you can help it).  Add shelving to an under stairs closet to hold entertaining or craft supplies that once occupied your office.  If you're unsure of where to store a group of items, leave them in the box until you see how your space plays out with items you absolutely need in that space.

Rule #4 Place With Purpose This is my move-in mantra.  Place with purpose.  Don't stick the muffin cups in the drawer with the utensils just because they were packed in the same box.  Resist the urge to unpack as fast as possible and sticking things wherever there happens to be an empty space.  We want our homes to flow and make sense.  Take the time now to put away things in the right spaces so that you can live with ease later.  Think about the flow of getting yourself ready in the morning or cooking or setting the table.  Where will your items be happiest so that you can get to them when you need them?  It's much easier to do things right the first time around, and a new home is the perfect opportunity to make your home perfectly reflect you and your organized lifestyle.

Happy unpacking & organizing!

Are you currently setting up a new space?  How's it going and what is working for you?  Let me know in the comments!